The Annual Parker Foundation Charity Event:

Event date:

April 26, 2014


Bar & Restaurant

located in

13825 Britton Park Rd.
 Fishers, IN  46038

Thank you to our 2014 sponsors...
Louie's Bar & Restaurant

located in


SUN KING Brewery

Big Daddy Beauty



Parker Foundation
for Health & Happiness



Welcome to the Parker Foundation for Health & Happiness, a non-profit organization.

Our goal for 2014 is to send 10 young people with life-threatening illnesses to the Double H Ranch.  The Double H Ranch is a member camp of the SeriousFun Children's Network founded by Paul Newman.  These camps provide facilities and staff equipped to allow young people to enjoy a camp experience free of charge--that other camps can't provide.  All donations are subject to standard tax guidelines.

Please visit the Double H Ranch website and/or SeriousFun Children's Network website to find more information about the cause and camps in which we support.

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Parker Foundation for Health & Happiness
14745 Cavalry Court
Plainfield, IL 60544
(616) 780-5423

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